Prize & Award

John Jones Art on Paper Award

George Young:
Winner of the 2009 John Jones Art on Paper Award


The selection panel comprised:

Polly Staple – Director of the Chisenhale Gallery
Danny Rolph – Artist
Martin Herbert – Writer and Critic
Stuart Evans – Co-founder of the Lodeveans Collection

“It’s not just about the work on paper or about the sculpture, it’s about the strong relationship between them…a work on paper in an expanded field.” Martin Herbert

As a long-term patron of London’s emerging art scene, John Jones presents the Art on Paper Award at Zoo 2009. The Award concentrates on highlighting an essential medium employed by all artists. The winning artist will be awarded £2,000 to support the development of new work, and a selection of work will be acquired for the John Jones Contemporary Collection. In addition, John Jones will work with the artist to host a solo exhibition of their work the following year.

John Jones has built its success on museum standard framing for the past forty years. Since the 1960s, the company has worked closely with museums including the National Portrait Gallery, Tate and the V&A, as well as on an international basis for galleries, collectors, auction houses, artists and photographers.

John Jones’ growing contemporary art collection focuses on the promotion of emerging artists with acquisitions throughout the year. The company has watched the development of emerging artists and galleries in the UK – many of whom are now firmly established – and has supported and advised them on the presentation and protection of artwork. The Award demonstrates John Jones’ commitment to emerging artists and their ongoing support of new art. George Young’s winning artwork will be presented in the John Jones collection space, which is open to the public.


Clunie Reid:
2008 John Jones Art on Paper Award Winner Exhibition

Things Fly About/ The Aesthetics of Fucked digital still, 2009

Things Fly About/ The Aesthetics of Fucked digital still, 2009

John Jones, a longstanding patron of emerging arts, will host a special solo exhibition at Zoo 2009 of new works by last year’s winner of the Art on Paper Award, London based artist Clunie Reid. Chosen for her wall mounted mixed media work, the Award was presented by an independent panel of arts professionals including ICA Director Ekow Eshun, curator and critic JJ Charlesworth and artist Danny Rolph.

She Gets Even Happier!, She Needs Moist Eyes, Say I Love You, What Useful Things Did He Teach You?, The Wound, My Ass. Out There, Not Us, Things Fly About / The Aesthetics of Fucked, Not a Fan of Reality, Det Led Boom / Big Baaad Bust, Trousers too Tight, Heels Too High, This is Now, Yikes!.

Clunie Reid’s work runs rampant through the clichés of art and advertising using a cannibalistic collage methodology to represent her alienated subjects as chaotic, unique narratives. Celebrity culture, art theory, pornography, fashion and cartoon caricatures are spliced together in complex visual jokes constructed from digital photography, photocopies, drawings and assemblage. The titles, a selection is listed above, appear inscribed as part of the work, often scrawled with marker pen, suggesting both an adolescent’s existential graffiti and a drug addled psychotic’s rambling confession from beyond. The ultra-torn-apart presentation of Reid’s work- stuck up with gaffer tape, hung from coat-hanger wire- makes manifest the extreme depraved nature of her superficially glossy source material, but ultimately the radical formal and material expositions explode with an abundant pleasure in reconfiguring what our aesthetic experience can be.

As part of the Art on Paper Award, Clunie’s work This is Now was acquired for the John Jones Collection. The solo exhibition represents a key element of John Jones’ support and demonstrates the significance of the company’s commitment to supporting innovative art and a new generation of artists.

Clunie Reid is an artist who lives and works in London and is represented by MOTinternational. She was selected for East International (2007) and won the John Jones Art on Paper Award at Zoo Art Fair (2008). She has recently participated in Nought to Sixty at the ICA and had solo exhibitions at Focal Point Gallery in Southend and Galerie Reinhard Hauff in Stuttgart. Her work has been included in a number of international exhibitions includingWe came here to get laid not critique dutch culture at Wilfried Lentz Gallery in Rotterdam,Aspen 11 at Neue Alte Brucke in Frankfurt and falkeandcharlotte project space/Dolores at Ellen de Bruijne Gallery in Amsterdam. In October she has upcoming shows at MOTinternational and is participating in KARAOKE LIKE at the Photomuseum in Winterthur as well as a solo show for the John Jones Award at Zoo 2009.

John Jones specialise in the practical side of art. Over the past forty years the company has built its success on museum standard framing and artist stretchers, counting artists such as Francis Bacon and David Hockney amongst their first clients in the 1960s. The company has expanded its practice to work closely with museums including The British Museum, Tate and the V&A, as well as working on an international basis for galleries, personal and corporate collectors, interior designers, artists and photographers. Today, this family-run business also works with young galleries and project spaces across London.

Developed primarily for the appreciation of their staff and clients, John Jones ethos is to build a collection that to some extent is a reflection of the artists they work with. Most of the collection is on public display at the company’s London showrooms and includes work by emerging artists such as Nogah Engler, Elad Lassry, Liz Neal and Hew Locke, alongside established artists such as Raqib Shaw, Irvin Penn and David Hockney. The company also runs a large project space which enables continued support of artists, providing a flexible space for large scale exhibitions.


For more information, please contact:
Elizabeth Gossling
John Jones
4 Morris Place, off Stroud Green Road
Finsbury Park, London N4 3JG

Zoo 2009. 16.–19. October 2009

Opening Times:
12 – 8 pm, Fri 16 – Sun 18 October
12 – 5 pm, Mon 19 October

3 – 10 Shoreditch High Street
London E1 6PG